Transport Management Software

How a Software for Transport Management System Help?

Transportation is an integral part of many companies like the manufacturing business, the logistics business or any wholesale or retail business irrespective of the size of the company. Transportation comprises transferring or relocating the goods from one point of location to another. Companies use various mode of transportation as per the demand, deadline of the client as well as the nature of the goods that getting transported. The various means of conveyance used are Air, road, barge, maritime or rail.

A poorly planned and managed transport will lead to numerous problems which would affect the reputation of the company adversely. In order to streamline the transportation management system came into existence. Nowadays, Transport Management Software helps in managing transportation in a company. The use of technology has undoubtedly made managing transport much more systematically. Companies should be seriously thinking about investing in excellent software for helping them manage their transportation in a better manner. WE1.Tech is one of the trusted companies which helps in developing the Transport Management Software India. Explained below are some of the features that companies need to look out for a while investing in transport software.

Online Transport Booking

Booking a vehicle or truck for transporting goods is one of the primary concerns while dealing with transportation. The Software for Transport Management System would help in scheduling the trucks as per the need of the customers, the hassle of manually coordinating with the logistics department of the transportation company gets eliminated through the Transport Management Software. The systematic process of booking the transport online has cut down many processes in the transport booking through the transportation software.

Key Features:

  • ✔  The customers have the liberty of booking multiple vehicles either for single locations, or numerous trucks can be reserved for various sites as well.
  • ✔  After the booking of the transport a confirmation email, which is generated automatically by the system is sent to the client with their unique booking request number.
  • ✔  The transportation software WeTruck developed by WE1.Tech which the truck operators can use it individually or by subscribing it separately.

Advance Booking for next 48 hrs

“WeTruck” Software for Transport Management System gives the transportation company an option to make advance booking. Making a last-minute booking when one knows the shipment will be ready on that particular date is risky. As there are high chances that all the trucks or the vehicles get booked, and one does not have the necessary transport for the delivery. Unavailability of the vehicles causes unnecessary delay in the whole logistics process.

Key Features:

  • ✔  The design of WeTruck, the Transport Management Software India is such that one can set a 48 hours advance booking, and this time frame gives the warehousing centre ample time to pick and pack the goods as well as make arrangements for the vehicles required by the clients.
  • ✔  Along with advance booking provision, WeTruck module also gives the warehouse the liberty to keep vehicles for urgent requirements for the clients in case the need arises; hence the clients can contact the warehouses for critical transportation requirements.

“WeWare” Warehouse Management Software helps in slotting the inventory

Warehouse slotting is one of the vital processes in warehouse management. Warehouse slotting is a warehousing operation wherein the inventory data is first analyzed so that it can be categorized and eventually get organized throughout the warehouse. The Software for Warehouse Management Systems is used to assist in identifying the best location for the inventory to be placed.

Key Features:

  • ✔  A proper warehouse slotting will help the warehouse in maximizing the space utilization.
  • ✔  Software makes the whole process faster; hence it saves time in the inventory handling.

Transport Management Software gives live cost approval on email

One of the main concerns for any company while dealing with transportation, whether the warehouse or the company taking the services of the warehouse is the cost that is involved in the shipment. Cost negotiation done over the phone takes a long time for approval from the concerned authorities. Hence, through the use of a Software for Transport Management System, the cost negotiation and cost approval process become relatively easy.

Key Features:

  • ✔  The provision in the tool or the module is made such that the warehouse and clients can accept or reject the cost quoted to them real-time basis
  • ✔  The module of WeTruck also has a similar provision which will help in cost negotiation.
  • ✔  As soon as the user makes a booking request, the transport coordinator have the liberty to quote the fees for the service. The client can review the cost quoted and accordingly accept or reject the price.
  • ✔  On Approval, the warehouse uploads the vehicle details in the software on an immediate basis for the benefit of the client.

Tracking status

It is important to keep track of the freight which is getting transported, the client and the warehouse will be receiving some alert or notification if the freight is stuck somewhere due to some unforeseeable problem, tracking status will help to know the exact location of the goods, and hence damage control can be done as soon as one gets the alert. Through the module developed by WE1.Tech, the Transport Management Software India clients do have the option of tracking the goods they ordered by the use of the booking number, invoice number, LR or Docket number mentioned in the documents they have received.

Key Features:

  • ✔  The tracking status helps the client to know whether the goods will reach to them on time.
  • ✔  Once the order is received, the warehouse or the coordinator of the transportation from the client's side can upload the scanned copy of the POD into the system.
  • ✔  The advantage of uploading the POD in the system is that it not only cut down the paperwork, but it also solves the problem of displacement as the design of the system is in such a way the ePODs can be in the system for any duration and are easily accessible as well.

Machine Learning Features

Ideally, while building the transport management software, developers use Artificial intelligence to program it; this will help the system to make a smart decision. Whenever the warehouse or the clients need the transportation service, it is mandatory to fill out certain information. Some pieces of information like the vehicle or truck number, the details about the driver of the vehicle or the buyer name is required repeatedly while filing the booking request. It is necessary to build the Software for Transport Management System in such a way that repeated information is automatically taken care of by the software itself.

Key Features:

  • ✔  - The system developed by WE1.Tech has this machine learning feature automatically fills in the many information asked, thus saving a considerable amount of time of the user.
  • ✔  - The system also has the ability to read the fare per location and the pattern of the previous approvals done by the clients.
  • ✔  - It also sends the pre alerts on email for any commercial predictions.

eLR & eDockets

One of the features that have helped the transport industry is the use of e-documents. The logistics industry has a very high volume of communication right from the dispatching units to the delivery units. And in all these points there are essential requirements of various documents. Earlier when the documentation like the Lorry receipts or the docket, when done manually, would lead to inadvertent errors from the part of the person preparing the documentation. The occurrence of error completely gets eliminated due to the feature of e-documents in the system. WE1.Tech, the Transport Management Software India has built its WeTruck system to generate electronic Lorry Receipts or dockets.

Key Features:

  • ✔  These e-documents acts as reference documents for the products that are in transit.
  • ✔  These e-documents are retained in transport management software throughout the service tenure and can be downloaded at any time.

Vehicle Productivity planner

WeTruck- Transport Management Software ensures maximum utilisation of the vehicles, one of the essential parameters in the transportation management system. Through vehicle utilisation, the companies can increase the efficiencies as well as it will help in reducing the cost of the entire operation. With the use of the transport software, one can become aware of vehicle utilisation and how to use the vehicle to the maximum. The WeTruck module developed by WE1.Tech, the Transport Management Software India has an AI-based feature which ensures the truck or the milk run vehicle be in use to its optimum level.

Key Features:

  • ✔  Through this software, the clients and the warehouse become aware of the dimensions of the vehicle they are using and hence they can load the maximum quantity of products as per the dimension of the vehicle.
  • ✔  It also optimizes the route planning for the vehicle chosen for multi-location delivery.
  • ✔  The various utilization reports can also be taken from the system for any duration for any client or warehouse.
  • ✔  The planner can also make itemized models and associated vehicle size for transportation.

Route Optimization Planner

Company's reputation lies in the timely delivery of the goods to the clients from the warehouse. All the reputed companies have their route optimisation planner in place with the help of the software for Transport management. The WeTruck transport management software has made provision for route optimisation planner which would help the clients and the warehouse to decide on the best possible route taken for the delivery of the goods in order to get the shipment delivered on time and without any severe damage.

Key Features:

  • ✔  Route optimisation planners help the companies to save a lot of time and fuel.
  • ✔  Assist in the timely delivery of the goods to the clients.

Barcode Enabled Documents

Barcodes are one of the tools used worldwide by the organisations in their Supply chain management. The barcode technology is in existence in the transport management system for a long time. The barcodes help the clients and the warehouses in managing the trips of the goods accurately. They are also useful for mapping the products at the client's end when they receive it. WeTruck Transport Management Software India, developed in such a way that it supports the barcoded products and barcoded documents.

Key Features:

  • ✔  The transport management software used in WeTruck helps in generating all barcoded documents that help the warehouse and the transport company getting the full details of the products that are getting transported with a single scan on it.
  • ✔  The barcoded lorry receipt or the dockets are used as a reference to confirm that the products transported is as per the invoice or the location.

Multiple Live Reports

Transport Management Software should be able to provide data for analysis. Transportation is one of the most data-centric sectors, and it is necessary to use this abundance of data for analysis which would help the company in improving its services to the clients. “WeTruck” Software for Transport Management System has put in place the arrangements of the data into various comprehensive and detailed reports. These reports are also helpful in forecasting the demand for excellent customer service to the clients.

Key Features:

  • ✔  Data points like the time of delivery, the product delivered, or the details of the vehicle are all fed into the system.
  • ✔  The user has the liberty to refine these data points, and they can extract pieces of information in the form of various reports. These reports are useful for making further analysis and would help the user in making sound decisions on the transportation management system.
  • ✔  The reports like Vehicle Optimization, Placement TAT, Driving TAT, Vehicle Break-Down Tracker are some of the available reports.
  • ✔  Above reports would help in tracking the demand trends of the goods, the total cost incurred during the transit, buyer-wise reports to name a few of the reports that one can pull out from the system as and when required in just 2 clicks.

Live chat @ Transport Desk

WeTruck helps you to keep in touch with the customers. The success of any business is due to its customer loyalty and to gain the loyalty of the customer, and one should work towards making their experience better. Good customer service will also help in retaining the customers, and when the customer receives real-time service, it is more appreciated by the clients. The WE1. Tech is one of the leading providers of Transport Management Software India. Through WeTruck, Live Chat @transport desk is made available to the customers for getting in touch with the transport coordinator.

Key Features:

  • ✔  - This live chat will help customers with any urgent issues regarding transportation, and chat box helps the clients in getting solutions to their queries.
  • ✔  - This feature in the Transport Management Software has considerably reduced the exchange of emails and the phone calls between the clients and the warehouse.