Automotive Industry

Functions of Automotive Software (ERP and CRM Systems)

image Access to Real-time Data

ERP systems improve the flow of information within an enterprise and help in streamline the business operations.

image Automation of Tasks

Since all the reports and sheets are electronically generated, there are fewer chances of errors.

image Inventory Management

Software systems help automakers efficiently manage their inventory and warehouse operations.

image Enhanced Customer Experience

ERP systems improve quality assurance processes. This makes the customer experience all the more comprehensive.

image Improved Communication

CRM systems help you in keep track of all customer contact points, including phone, text, and emails. This helps in streamlining sales operations.

image Quality and Security

To protect your business from theft and unwanted interference, we adhere to strict criteria and the most recent industry standards.


Building the Future with the Smartest Technology

In the fast-moving automotive sector, technology innovation is essential in remaining ahead of the competition. The team of experts at We1.Tech has years of expertise in developing top-notch software for automobile industry, along with digital products, operating systems, and applications. They can assist you in automating operations, improving customer engagement, and making data-based decisions. As customer relationships are at the core of any successful automobile business, we offer end-to-end Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customers Relationship Management (CRM) solutions to our clients.

All this together will boost the top-line performance of your company. We1.Tech is one of the leading automotive software companies, offering turn-key technological solutions for building the future of automobiles.

  • Focus on Innovation.
  • Use of the Latest Technology.
  • Real-time Reporting.
  • Quality and Security.

Envision a Better Future with Us!

We1.Tech’s extensive technology, industry knowledge, and skills enable automakers embrace digital transformation. Automotive companies benefit from digital transformation by becoming more competitive now and becoming ready for the future.

Whether it is automotive industry software development, ERP development and integration, CRM for auto-industrialists, or web development, we provide it all!

The following are the advantages of implementing ERP and CRM systems:

  • Real-time Data Access
  • Resource Optimization.
  • Enhanced Customer Support.
  • Better Employee Efficiency.
  • Cost Reduction.
  • Task Management.

Why Choose Us As Your Automotive Technology Partner?

We1.Tech utilizes ground-breaking technologies to address the needs of its customers, related to safety, security, convenience, and efficiency. We collaborate with our customers to make sure they keep innovating and staying at the forefront of advancement as digitalization and connectivity disrupt various aspects of the automotive industry.

  • Top-Notch Customer Experience.
  • Well-connected and multi-channel service network.
  • Embracing digitalization at every step of operation.
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Here's a breakdown of our key features, service offerings, and capabilities.

  • We offer full-spectrum of automotive industry software development services to help you reach your potential consumers, while also increasing leads and sales.
  • We integrate cutting-edge CRM systems that streamline workflow, enhance customer interactions, boost productivity, and increase revenue.
  • After assessing the needs of our clients, we design and develop ERP systems in order to enhance their growth potential.
  • Our IT team creates customized tracking solutions using cutting-edge GPS technology to manage operations in real-time.
  • Our skilled and expert developers make use of advanced technology and procedures to ensure overall consistency.

Key Benefits's automotive software development solutions provide a number of benefits for the organizations in this segment.

  • Our solutions help streamline operations related to the designing, testing, and manufacturing of vehicles.
  • Get access to live data and analytics that help organizations make more informed decisions.
  • By utilizing our software for automobile industry, you can attract tech-savvy consumers seeking out innovative solutions in the market.
  •'s suite of software development services helps automakers and industrialists meet the highest standards of quality and increase profitability.
  • Encourage customers to endorse your business by providing them with flawless driving experiences with our high-tech solutions made only for you!

We Different From Others

Unique Enterprise Software Modules with the bunch of ultimate features.

  • WE1 ERP
  • WE1 WMS
  • WE1 CRM
  • WE1 LMS
  • WE1 HRMS
  • OrderPro1

Enterprise Resource Planning (WE1 ERP)

Market-leading enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, which will serve as your integrated management of business processes and applications, allowing you to gain resilience and real-time agility, positioning you for growth....Read More

we1 shape
we1 shape
Enterprise Resource Planning (WE1 ERP)
we1 shape

Warehouse Management System (WE1 WMS)

WE1 WMS is Uniquely designed as a single software to run the full business across functions and Departments....Read More

Warehouse Management System (WE1 WMS)
Warehouse Management System (WE1 WMS)
software trial
why choose us shape

Customer Relationship Management (WE1 CRM)

CRM (customer relationship management) software tracks and manages customer relationships. It records interactions between a business....Read More

Customer Relationship Management
Customer Relationship Management
Customer Relationship Management CRM

Logistics Management Software (WE1 LMS)

We1.Tech’s Logistics system is ideal for any organization wanting to optimize their operations and focus on Digital transformation....Read More

Shape Logistics Management Software
Shape Logistics Management Software
Logistics Management Software
Shape Logistics Management Software

Human Resources Management System (WE1 HRMS)

Human Resources Management System (HRMS) is a digital solution that combines several systems and processes to manage and optimize tasks....Read More

Human Resources Management System
Human Resources Management System
Human Resources Management System
Human Resources Management System


OrderPro1 is a B2B platform that connects retailers, distributors, wholesalers, and brands to manage their sales-purchase operations....Read More

Human Resources Management System
Human Resources Management System
Human Resources Management System
Human Resources Management System

What Client’s Say About Us

We make a positive impact for all stakeholders and help our clients become the next and best versions of themselves.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here's a list of the most frequently asked questions and the answers to them. If you have any questions that aren't covered below, please feel free to contact us.

  • What are the benefits of web-based ERP software in the automotive industry?

    There are a plethora of benefits to employing a web-based enterprise resource planning system in the automotive industry, including:

    1. Improved Production Efficiency: Automotive web-based ERP systems can help streamline production processes and reduce wasted time and resources. By keeping detailed records of parts and materials used, manufacturers can track production costs and anticipate needs for future orders.

    2. Reduced Operating Costs: ERP systems can reduce operating costs by reducing paperwork and automating processes. This can save time and money by eliminating manual data entry, printing, and filing costs.

    3. Increased Visibility: ERP can provide real-time visibility into production processes, helping to reduce delays and improve customer service. This can also help to manage customer relationships and ensure that orders are fulfilled on time.

  • Why should one choose We1 ERP software for automotive companies?

    We1 ERP system for automotive companies offers a comprehensive suite of powerful business applications that can help companies improve operational efficiency, automate processes, and gain a competitive edge in the automotive industry. It provides integrated business intelligence, customer relationship management, supply chain management, and data analytics. The software also offers a full suite of features, such as advanced analytics, real-time reporting, and automated workflows, to help companies make informed decisions. Additionally, the We1 ERP system is designed to be cost-effective and easy to use; allowing companies to quickly and easily set up and manage their operations.

  • What is automotive software development?

    Automotive software development is the process of developing software for use in the automotive industry. This includes designing and coding software for vehicles, as well as developing related applications, such as navigation systems, infotainment systems, telematics, and autonomous driving software. The process of automotive software development generally involves four main stages:

    1. Requirements Analysis: During this stage, automotive engineers and system designers analyze the customer’s requirements and develop the system architecture. This process involves researching the customer's needs and understanding their expectations for the final product.

    2. Design and Architecture: The development team develops the software's design and architecture. This includes creating the overall system architecture, designing the user interface, and determining the software’s functional requirements.

    3. Implementation: In this stage, the team implements the software design and architecture. This includes coding, debugging, and testing the software to ensure it meets the customer’s specifications and requirements.

    4. Maintenance and Support: In this final stage, the team provides maintenance and support for the software. This includes bug fixes, updates, and customer support.

  • Which software is used in the automotive industry?

    The software systems used in the automotive industry include enterprise resource planning, customer relationship management, and supply chain management systems. They offer a myriad of benefits to automotive companies, such as improved customer service, increased efficiency, better supply chain management, and better inventory control.


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