A Range of Dedicated Hosting Plans

Our hosting plans provide top-notch performance and the greatest security levels for any website or application.

Take a look at our hosting plans and choose the best one for yourself.

Standard/Starter Plan

  • Best servers for small and medium sized businesses.
  • A complete, stunning server for your business website or app.
  • 24/7 expert-level support.
  • Customizations and add-ons are available.
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Enhanced Plan

  • In this plan, servers are designed for highly resilient, complicated setups.
  • More storage, speed, and power.
  • Full assistance in website transfer and server setup.
  • Additional benefits, like malware protection, add-ons, and 24/7 support from the experts!
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Premium Plan

  • Servers with strong processors that let you set up infrastructure even in challenging settings.
  • The best Windows dedicated server for high-performing websites.
  • Additional storage and power.
  • Perks, like hack and malware protection, add-ons, real-time monitoring, and 24/7 expert-level support.
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Redefine Business Growth with Industry-Leading Dedicated Hosting Solutions

We1.Tech offers a fully managed, powerful, and high-performing dedicated server with real-time monitoring and hundred percent control. Our solutions are designed to provide you privacy, control, and protection for your business operations. With a variety of configurations, customization options, scalable storage, and other features, our private servers deliver the highest level of flexibility and performance.


Why Should You Choose Dedicated Hosting?

Hosting on a private server gives you full access to all of the resources, tools, and functionalities. You will always have sufficient resources to manage exponential increases in traffic, processing power, speed, and storage when you have a whole server exclusively for you and your data. Compared to other hosting options, this hosting solution offers higher performance, reliability, and security.

Key Benefits

Enumerated below are some of the benefits that you can enjoy using our offerings:

Expert-level Support

We1.Tech provides 24/7 expert-level customer support services to ensure that your servers are always running smoothly, without any glitches.



To keep your servers safe, we provide extra layers of safety and security, such as firewalls, anti-DDoS protection, and other security solutions.



We1.Tech gives you the freedom to scale up or down your servers and their resources as necessary without causing any disruption or downtime.


Highest Levels of Performance

To ensure the highest performance, efficiency, quality, and reliability, our servers are equipped with top-tier processors, cutting-edge server technology, and scalable storage solutions.



All our plans are cost-effective and can fit any budget. We ensure that you get the maximum return on investment and the best value for your money.


Why Choose We1.Tech For Dedicated Server Hosting?

We provide our clients with world-class Windows dedicated server solutions, incorporating the latest tools, fine-tuned controls, and updated life cycles. Our IT solutions cater to businesses from various industry verticals to meet their business needs. If your business requires robust and reliable hosting to increase its online presence, dedicated servers are indeed the way to go.

With We1.Tech, you can grow your online presence and reach out to the world. When it comes to dedicated hosting, We1.Tech offers a variety of benefits, features, and solutions.


Web Hosting Made Easy, Reliable, and Efficient with We1.Tech

Along with the control and flexibility that come with dedicated hosting, you will get to enjoy a plethora of fantastic features.

Key Features

Strong Configurations

Powered by top-notch processors and the latest hardware, the servers can efficiently handle any kind of workload, from core business applications to high-traffic websites.

Fastest Speed

Each server is uniquely built utilizing the most recent open-source software technology. This gives the server the ability to improve its performance and speed.

IP Address

Using a private IP address offers extra security. With a unique IP address, you can improve your server's accessibility, safety, and security.

Complete Protection

Utilize real-time monitoring to prevent risks and protect your server and website from unwanted attacks, malware, and hackers.

Quick Provisioning

Our team of experts will build and install your servers, and they will be quickly connected to the network. This makes it easy for you to begin right away.

Customization Options

We offer advanced customization options for our users. Businesses can instantly add new features, update applications, and change settings to suit their needs.

Special Support

Get immediate assistance from a team of specialists that can help with SSD hosting issues. This guarantees the best possible support experience.

Innovation, Excellence, and Quality.

24/7 Expert-level Assistance for Dedicated Hosting.

We have the expertise and industry-specific experience to help you with all your IT needs. We1.Tech can take your business to the next level with top-notch web hosting solutions! Get in touch with us and make your website award-winning!


Frequently Asked Questions

Here's a list of the most frequently asked questions and the answers to them. If you have any questions that aren't covered below, please feel free to contact us.

  • What exactly is a dedicated server?
  • How does dedicated server hosting work?

    With dedicated server hosting, you get complete access to a physical server, which is hosted in a secure data center. Since the server is exclusively used by a single user, that user has full control over all of its resources, including the operating system, hardware, tools, and system configurations.

    You can add new features, change configurations, or even increase security if necessary. All in all, dedicated hosting ensures the best performance for your websites and applications, with fantastic customization options.

  • Who should get a dedicated server?

    Businesses that require greater control over their server environment, need a lot of data storage space, or want to run resource-intensive applications or websites can consider investing in a dedicated server. Companies that require higher levels of security, as well as those that are experiencing rapid growth, are also likely to benefit from this hosting solution.

  • What type of website is not suitable for dedicated server hosting?

    Any type of website can be hosted on a dedicated server. It offers a high-level of security, speed, and performance but may not be necessary for websites with less traffic and fewer resources.A website that does not require a high level of security or large amounts of resources and traffic is not suitable for dedicated server hosting. Examples of such less resource-intensive websites include small websites, personal blogs, and informational websites.

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