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Key Features and Functions of Enterprise Resource Planning System

We1 ERP comes with a variety of industry-leading features, tools, and functionalities to help you transform your business. We1.Tech can help you unlock cost savings, business profitability, and growth.

Here's a complete breakdown of our ERP solutions, features, and functions.

Accounting and Cash flow Management

We1 ERP effortlessly integrates core accounting, cash flow, and finance operations, while minimizing expenses and enhancing organizational performance.

Real-time Financial Insights

Learn about a range of financial parameters in real time, including profitability ratios, inventory margins, liabilities, fixed assets, taxation, and cash flow scenarios.

Customer-focused CRM Tools

With customer-focused CRM tools, you can generate leads, increase sales, automate mission-critical processes, engage with your customers, and expand your business.

Sales and Marketing

Get real-time access to significant sales and marketing opportunities. This helps in developing strategies to increase your conversion rates and sales.

Workforce Management

With this feature, you can keep a record of employees' attendance, productivity, number of working hours, absenteeism, and manage payroll.

HRM and Talent Acquisition

ERP's HRM component serves as an all-inclusive platform for employee management, recruitment, payroll, hiring, training, and onboarding.

Real-time Inventory Tracking

By automating inventory management in a single integrated solution, We1.Tech enables your company to track inventory across different locations with ease.

Supply Chain Planning

Recognize your demand, properly allocate resources, schedule, and manage production to guarantee that goods are made available as promised.

Supply Chain Execution

Optimize all resources used in the supply chain and deliver products to customers according to their schedule, budget, and requirements.

A Suite of Enterprise Resource Planning Solutions

The enterprise resource planning system includes a variety of modules designed for specific business functions, such as back- and front-office tasks. This extends far beyond accounting and other basic operations like customer service and supply chain management.

Here is a brief overview of our most popular ERP solutions:

What is We1 ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) ?

Enterprise resource planning, or ERP, is a software system that businesses employ to manage day-to-day operations like accounting, sales, marketing, project management, risk mitigation, and supply chain management. We1 ERP is an all-inclusive cloud-based solution that provides businesses with real-time visibility into everyday tasks. It enables various departments, like finance, manufacturing, human resources, supply chain, services, and procurement, to manage their operations in a fully-integrated system. It offers a wide range of reports and analytics as a complete source of data that can make a significant difference for your company.

We1.Tech's industry-edge ERP systems integrate all of your business operations to enhance collaboration, facilitate data-driven business decisions, and boost productivity. Our ERP solutions leverage cutting-edge technologies to assist you in transforming your labour-intensive tasks and quickly adapting to changes. With We1 ERP, you can stay up-to-date with ongoing updates, scale quickly, reduce expenses, and unlock new opportunities.


Take Your Business to the Next Level with the Industry-Edge We1 ERP System

We1 ERP is a world-class ERP solution that thousands of businesses trust. It is a tried-and-tested solution for businesses of all sizes and from all industry verticals. Additionally, it is user-friendly, feature-packed, and custom-rich, making it easy to scale with add-ons. We1.Tech offers a host of ERP solutions, including financial reporting, project planning, procurement, risk management and compliance, enterprise performance management, supply chain management, and real-time insights. We1 ERP provides a wide range of benefits by automating workflows, enhancing operational awareness, and improving enterprises' resource management. Drive business growth, cost savings, and insights all from a single, unified platform to gain a competitive edge in the industry. With a solution tailored to your industry-specific needs, you will enjoy improved team cooperation and efficiency.

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ERP Offers, Benefits, and Capabilities

Here are the benefits and capabilities of We1 ERP systems.

Highly Scalable

The We1 ERP solution is user-friendly and easy to integrate with other software programmes and services you already use. It has the capability to scale as your business grows. This also entails discovering new business prospects, developing new product or service offerings, and growing business segments with the ability to exchange data between various platforms.



Our software solutions offer the flexibility to handle specialized operations while also assisting enterprises in adhering to best practices. Administrators can develop business-specific processes and generate automatic reports that are essential to various departments and executives using the system. We1.Tech's software solutions foster innovation and creativity within your business.

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If you are ready to kick start your tech journey then get in touch with us right away! We1.Tech- Your Business Powerhouse can drive your business growth forward with its superior software solutions.


Cooperation between coworkers increases productivity. Employees perform their best when they work together. With our ERPs, information like purchase orders, contracts, and customer support records may be easily shared between team members. This empowers the employees to make more informed decisions that foster business growth.


Real-time Insights

We1.Tech's ERPs are able to provide and access real-time data from several company departments, which allows these systems to identify important trends and offer comprehensive business insights. Organizational leaders make better decisions as a result of having easy access to all relevant facts, information, and data.

Safety and Security

If you are looking for enterprise resource planning software for your business, then security should be your top-most priority. At We1.Tech, we never compromise on our client's security and keep their database safe. Our ERP solutions focus on network and data security. It also enables you to fulfill the regulatory compliance requirements set forth by your industry.


Cost Savings

One of the major benefits of our software systems is that they can help your business save money in a variety of ways. By automating a lot of labour-intensive repetitive tasks, you can reduce errors and the requirement to hire more staff, thereby increasing efficiency and saving money. Furthermore, We1 ERP is a cost-effective solution. By using our cloud-based system, businesses get additional value from the software that exceeds what they are already paying.

What Makes We1.Tech's Enterprise Resource Planning Software the Best Choice?

With so many ERP systems available on the market, it is necessary to keep two things in mind: ERP software should support both your day-to-day operations and the long-term growth of your business. It should be built on a cutting-edge technological foundation that provides business process automation, real-time updates, security, and scalability. We1 ERP fulfills the above-mentioned criteria and therefore is the best option for businesses of all sizes and types! It can help you accelerate growth, make massive, data-driven, and strategic decisions, and revolutionize your business. Integrate, manage, and automate all aspects of your business now with We1 ERP.

  • Cloud-based ERP solutions that offer the newest features, capabilities, and best practices.
  • 24/7 expert-level technical support.
  • Future-oriented, industry-specific solutions to meet your ever-changing business needs.

We Different From Others

Unique Enterprise Software Modules with the bunch of ultimate features.

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  • WE1 WMS
  • WE1 CRM
  • WE1 LMS
  • WE1 HRMS
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Enterprise Resource Planning (WE1 ERP)

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Enterprise Resource Planning (WE1 ERP)
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Warehouse Management System (WE1 WMS)
Warehouse Management System (WE1 WMS)
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Customer Relationship Management (WE1 CRM)

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Logistics Management Software (WE1 LMS)

We1.Tech’s Logistics system is ideal for any organization wanting to optimize their operations and focus on Digital transformation....Read More

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Human Resources Management System (WE1 HRMS)

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Human Resources Management System
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OrderPro1 is a B2B platform that connects retailers, distributors, wholesalers, and brands to manage their sales-purchase operations....Read More

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Human Resources Management System
Human Resources Management System
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Frequently Asked Questions

Here's a list of the most frequently asked questions and the answers to them. If you have any questions that aren't covered below, please feel free to contact us.

  • What is enterprise resource planning (ERP) software?
  • What benefits come with implementing an ERP system?

    ERP systems can also provide users with access to cutting-edge tools and fantastic features that can help improve efficiency, optimize operations, and increase customer satisfaction. The implementation of an ERP system brings many benefits to a business, including:

    Enhanced efficiency: ERP systems help streamline processes and reduce manual data entry and calculations, allowing businesses to get more done in less time.

    Increased visibility: With an ERP system, all data is in one place, making it easier for managers to see what’s going on and make data-driven decisions.

    Reduced costs: The automation of processes helps reduce costs associated with labor, materials, and overhead.

  • How can I choose the best ERP solution for my business?

    Here's how you can choose the best ERP solution for your business or organization.

    Identify Your Needs: Before you start evaluating ERP solutions, you should first spend time understanding your business processes, goals, and the specific needs of your organization.

    Research Potential Vendors: As you begin to research vendors, create a list of criteria that you will use to evaluate them. Consider factors such as cost, features, customer support, and implementation timeline, and then choose the best possible option.

    Test the Software: Before making a final decision, you should request a demo or trial of the software to make sure it meets your needs and that it’s easy to use.

    Make Your Decision: Once you have done your due diligence, you should be ready to make a decision on which ERP solution is the best for your business.

  • How can I ensure a successful implementation of the ERP system?

    To ensure a successful implementation of an ERP system, it is important to prepare for it ahead of time. This includes assessing the current workflows and processes, documenting them, and mapping out how the new system will integrate with existing systems. Additionally, it is important to ensure that all stakeholders are on board with the project and have a clear understanding of the benefits of the new system. Moreover, it is important to have a robust training plan and support network in place to help employees adjust to the new system. Finally, it is important to test the system thoroughly throughout the implementation process to ensure that it is working properly and all data is being transferred accurately.

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