Distribution Management Software

How Does Distribution Management Software Help the Business?

Distribution Management System Software is the course of action taken for supervising the movement of the goods from the vendor of the raw material to the production unit and till the end-user of the goods. Distribution Management is a comprehensive name used for the various activities and numerous processes like the packaging of the products, the inventory, the logistics to name the few of the areas of actions in the distribution management system.

The Distribution Management System no longer is limited to moving the goods from one place to another. The whole distribution system has evolved, and it plays a crucial part in the financial success and the sustainability of the business. Hence, the execution of distribution management must operate as efficiently as possible. Technology has played a significant part in managing the distribution system as seamless as possible. Our company WE1.Tech specialises in developing software for Distribution management. Some essential features of distribution management software are:

Efficient and Productive Retail management of any size

The software developed for distribution management will help the users to make a sound decision by helping to enter a new market which could help the business to grow, using Distribution Management Software the user is able to give much better customer experience hence helping to retain the customers. The software will also help the user to take proper buying and selling decisions, and it also helps in making decisions which would be cost-effective for the company as well as suggests things which would ensure future profitability.

Key features:

  • ✔  Gate Pass e-Tokens for Inward and Outward movements
  • ✔  Location Mapping & Bird Eye view of inventory per location
  • ✔  Live Inventory management and access
  • ✔  FIFO, Batch, and Expiry based pick lists
  • ✔  Document imaging system with Real-time access
  • ✔  Remote Inventory and Cycle count process
Distribution Management Software

Distribution Management System Software

Requirements Planning

Distribution Management System Software help in planning the need for inventory requirements. The entire operation of the business of distribution revolves around the inventory. Hence, it is imperative to be up-to-date about the inventory requirement on a real-time basis and various other things related to inventory such as knowing the products which give the maximum business profit as well as being aware of the purchase and sales cycles of the business. The Distribution Management Software developed by WE1. Tech has kept in mind that the information mentioned above; and made it compatible in giving out the desired information.

Key features:

  • ✔  Flexible reporting formats: bucketless and standard reporting based on daily, weekly, or monthly summaries
  • ✔  DRP inquiry with grid, graphical, and detail drilldown
  • ✔  Automatic purchase requisition generation
  • ✔  Optional interface with BOM/Kitting

Configurator Application

Can you make the packaging of your products in multiple ways?

Configurator application in our distribution management software assists you to guide your users within the product configuration process. Configurator is a simple way to configure and produce new sales orders and service jobs by asking simple questions based on commands and constraints for the items and services being ordered.

Key features:

  • ✔  Enter complex orders with minimal training
  • ✔  Use customer-specific configurations
  • ✔  Automatically show customer upsell options
Distribution Management Software

Distribution Management System Software

Bill of Materials Module

Distribution companies know the importance of creating, develop, and sell kitted inventory items. Bill of Materials provides your business with an ability to blend and match related materials into one kit. This feature in Distribution Management System Software efficiently plans and manages inventory, cost, and production processes with maintaining a full review check.

Key features:

  • ✔  Enter builds before, during, or after the fact
  • ✔  Maintain accurate inventory quantities for your assemblies or raw materials
  • ✔  Compare anticipated costs with actual costs associated with similar assemblies
  • ✔  Relieve materials and receive finished goods in one process.

Rack & shelf Location Management

The rack & shelf location management is essential for any warehouse for the smooth running of the distribution process. With our Distribution Management System Software, users can easily find and track the inventory located on a shelf or rack, as well as available and occupied shelves.

Key Features:

  • ✔  Enter adjustments to inventory item quantities due to loss, breakage, or accidental over shipments
  • ✔  Print a report of item quantities to help you determine how best to satisfy item demand
  • ✔  Identify sources of demand, track down overages or loss, and view related movement activity
  • ✔  View inventory item quantities for locations, bins, and containers
Distribution Management Software

Distribution Management System Software

Inventory Management

There are many critical processes in a distribution business. One of them is inventory management. Inventory is assumed as the soul of the company. So, you have to keep track of the whole inventory very efficiently. Inventory management with a distribution management software can help you to identify your best products and understand entire purchase/sales cycles.

Warehouse Management features:

  • ✔  Custom define labels, optionally with bar code
  • ✔  Real-time updates
  • ✔  Unlimited units of measure with conversion factors
  • ✔  Complete material requisition system