Warehouse Management Software India

Need & Benefits of Warehouse Management Software-“WeWare”

There was a time when the warehouse used to be a tiny part of the supply chain, that tiny part has now turned out to become a very strategic part of the supply chain, hence making warehousing a significant aspect of the whole supply chain management. Warehouse management, in simple words, means it is taking stock of the day-to-day management of the warehouse like the storage, distribution, inventory management, material management, to name a few. Earlier, the main job of the warehouse was storage but at present warehousing involves a lot of other complicated things so much so that the managing of the warehouses is done through software.Warehouse management software like the one with We1.Tech helps in automating those processes which were done manually, and the software has made possible the centralization and visibility of all the procedures of the warehouse.

Benefits of Warehouse Management Software:

Multi-location data in 1 View

It is physically impossible to view the entire warehouse and to remember the locations of specific inventories in the warehouse. The system created by Warehouse management Software India We1.Tech has made easy accessibility possible for the warehouse managers to have 1 view of a full warehouse. They can quickly check whether there is any availability of space in the warehouse using the software for Warehouse Management System.

Key Features:-

  • ✔  Quickly locate the inventory which is kept in racks, levels, pallets, or bins.
  • ✔  Easily assign locations for each client
  • ✔  Warehouse space utilization, efficiency
  • ✔  Location mapping
  • ✔  Picking and put away
  • ✔  Using “WeWare” Warehouse management software one can easily locate the inventory, which helps in physical audit of the inventory.

Helps in Inbound Logistics with a user-friendly interface.

When the warehouse receives the inventories, the warehouse has to check the inventory to ensure that the inventory which has come to the warehouses meets the client’s requirements, the Software for Warehouse Management Systems will enable to provide this by automating the inspections and by tracking the vendor quality through the software.

Key Features:-

  • ✔  "WeWare", the WMS works based on visuals and 2 click approach.
  • ✔  Its icon-based design makes it a self-explanatory tool to be used by the ground staff.
  • ✔  Integrated inventory management for fast transactions across locations
  • ✔  Working on our WMS is like using a smartphone.
  • ✔  Can be managed on the smartphone with net connectivity at any place.

“WeWare” Warehouse Management Software helps in slotting the inventory

Warehouse slotting is one of the vital processes in warehouse management. Warehouse slotting is a warehousing operation wherein the inventory data is first analyzed so that it can be categorized and eventually get organized throughout the warehouse. The Software for Warehouse Management Systems is used to assist in identifying the best location for the inventory to be placed.

Key Features:-

  • ✔  A proper warehouse slotting will help the warehouse in maximizing the space utilization.
  • ✔  Software makes the whole process faster; hence it saves time in the inventory handling.

R-P-L Location Mapping

Much time is wasted while picking up the inventory if the location of the stock is not known. Inventory management is made more accessible by the use of Software for Warehouse Management System, The Barcode enabled location mapping enables the warehouses to operate with the minimum errors of mismatches and helpers can easily locate the inventory in the warehouse.

Key Features:-

  • ✔  Negligible error while picking out the inventories for the clients.
  • ✔  Guides the warehouse manager to know the location of the inventory so that it can be picked immediately without wasting time.
  • ✔  The software built by We1.Tech, the Warehouse Management Software India has enabled the warehouse manager to have multi-location data in one view.

AI-Based Warehouse Management Software helps in Processing Information

Managing a warehouse is no cakewalk, one has to be aware of where the inventories are placed, the description of the inventory, the quantity of the inventories and many such things. The software for Warehouse Management System helps in ensuring that there is a proper flow of information, and the inventories are readily available for the smooth functioning of the supply chain management.

Key Features:-

  • ✔  AI-based predictions, automation, and BOTs assimilate and analyze the effects of data at every level to ensure the proper flow of information & inventory in the supply chain.
  • ✔  It includes the daily performance predictions, planning and reports for each individual, client, and center.
  • ✔  The Bots are cognitive and take actions and approvals as per pre-determined measures to ensure the robust supply chain and operation outcome.
  • ✔  The AI systems are well equipped to support continuous improvement. Hence, they can make sound decisions based on the information provided by warehouse management software.

Outbound Logistics with Complementary login for clients

Customers are the core of all the business, which is also the case with the warehousing business. The outbound logistics of the business is essential for maintaining the relationship with the clients. We1.Tech, the warehouse management software India has designed software that helps in generating passes for any outward transactions and which are maintained in the warehouse management system for the future reference making the outbound logistics efficient.

Key Features:-

  • ✔  Login for clients feature in warehouse management software gives greater transparency to the clients and achieving operational excellence.
  • ✔  This establishes a real-time connection with the warehouse and supply chain head to take quick decisions.
  • ✔  Clients can book vehicles within the login page and give immediate cost approvals to reduce the wait time.
  • ✔  Clients can submit the mass orders, check live SLA performance, PODs, SOPs, and initiate remote inventory audits in any warehouse and access various reports as per their business requirements.

100% Data Security with increased Efficiency

Managing a warehouse is no cakewalk, one has to be aware of where the inventories are placed, the description of the inventory, the quantity of the inventories and many such things. The software for Warehouse Management System helps in ensuring that there is a proper flow of information, and the inventories are readily available for the smooth functioning of the supply chain management.

Key Features:-

  • ✔  We use cloud storage and the dynamic hosting switches with auto backups from time to time to ensure the data security from any possible threat.
  • ✔  We regularly work on BCP (Business Continuity Plan) & DR (Disaster Recovery) measures to ensure zero loss of data and 100% uptime of the applications developed and managed by We1.Tech Warehouse management software India.
  • ✔  We follow the encryption and a strict protocol for data security.

Multiple Live Reports

The warehouse management software developed by the We1.tech is made to make the analysis of the inventory and give the necessary feedback which will help in making the process more robust. "WeWare" has quite comprehensive and detailed reports for enabling the businesses to take quick decisions.

Key Features:-

  • ✔  The reports like Activity Report, Aging Report, Status Report, Staging Report, Tracking, Stock Reports for Fresh/Damage/Returned Stock, and many other reports.
  • ✔  These reports are very useful for tracking product activities like opening, sales, purchase, costing, expiry, demand trends, etc.
  • ✔  All the reports can be customized, fetched, and downloaded in just 2 clicks for any duration, client, or warehouse.
  • ✔  Emails can also be scheduled as per requirement.

Remote Inventory Audit

Doing a physical inventory verification is an integral part of warehouse operations. There is always a cost associated with physical audits like travel, time, and reporting for the product owners and companies. The software for warehouse management systems makes it possible for the warehouse manager to be aware of the fact where the cost of labour is the most and how it can be managed efficiently and help the warehouse manager to make better staffing decisions.

Key Features:-

  • ✔  "WeWare" comes with a unique feature of a remote audit through which clients can initiate a remote Audit in their login of the valuable items which are kept in the warehouse.
  • ✔  Once an audit is initiated the warehouse manager has to close the audit within 48hrs as the inventory for which the audit is initiated will not be visible to the warehouse manager till the audit is closed.


"WeWare" warehouse management software generates the electronic documents to acknowledge the transactions at the warehouse. The well-designed software for warehouse management system will not only track and give out the historical data, but it will also help the warehouse manager to forecast the future demands from the clients.

Key Features:-

  • ✔  For Inward, it generates the GRN or Warehouse Receipt. The eGRN can be used as a reference document for releasing the vendor payment.
  • ✔  - For Outward transactions, the system generates eDO or eGate Pass, which is used to maintain the physical file in the warehouse and 1 copy is carried by the transporter to get the POD signatures from the material receivers.
  • ✔  - These e-documents are retained in the system throughout the service tenure and can be downloaded at any time.

Barcode Enabled Documents

"WeWare" Software for Warehouse Management System supports all barcoded items and documents. The barcodes help the warehouse teams to manage the inventory accurately and map the item location in the system. Such an air-tight system design has made the picking, packing and shipping errors to the minimum. WMS has automated almost all the process of reaching the inventory to the clients. The maximum automation of the network has enabled minuscule human error; hence clients are ensured that they get what they have ordered.

Key Features:-

  • ✔  The software generates all barcoded documents which help the warehouse operators to open the full details of a transaction with a single scan.
  • ✔  For return management, the barcoded Delivery Order/Gate Pass document of the warehouse is a quick reference to validate the returned items.

Visual Based 2 Click data access

“WeWare” software for warehouse management system offers quick access of inward, outward, activity status, and stock report at two clicks only. Users can get daily, weekly, or monthly reports and consolidate the same for multiple warehouses. Therefore, it shows all database in just a few seconds.

Key Features:-

  • ✔  "WeWare" generates any report in just 2 clicks.
  • ✔  On 1st click choose the summary for a day, week or month.
  • ✔  On 2nd click, the report can be downloaded in excel.
  • ✔  The reports can be consolidated for multiple warehouses or any one location or any time duration.
  • ✔  The full data for the complete tenure of a client relationship with the warehouse can also be downloaded in just 2 clicks.

Sales Return Management

Managing the returned items is a very challenging task in the warehouses. “WeWare” warehouse management software shows you full tracking of returned items with reasons for return. Hence, this software reduces data entry works for returned goods.

Key Features:-

  • ✔  "WeWare" WMS manages all reasons for returns in the warehouse, like sales return, expiry return, damage return, and many other reasons for returns.
  • ✔  The return management module supports the barcoded Delivery Order/Gate Pass document of the warehouse & is a quick reference to validate the returned items.
  • ✔   For a system entry, just a scan on eDO eliminates data entry efforts.

Document Imaging System

“WeWare” software for Warehouse Management System ensures that the reports and analysis are only accessible to the trusted members; therefore, it prevents any data theft which can be used by the competition.

Key Features:-

  • ✔  "WeWare" has an e-storage feature to keep the soft copy scanned documents for each transaction like invoices, packing list, eway bill, approvals, PODs, etc.
  • ✔  Documents can be easily accessed by simply putting the invoice number or by scanning the eGRN, eDO, eRRN barcodes.
  • ✔  Documents can also be fetched from the reports module by selecting the date range, client or warehouse location.
  • ✔  The documents images can be stored and backed-up for any duration based on the business requirement or the agreement tenure.

Auto email schedulers

The auto email feature allows users to schedule automated emails to customers and service providers, so the warehouse operators, get fully updated with available inventories.

Key Features:-

  • ✔  We1.tech Warehouse software Management India offers an email scheduling feature that enables the service provider/s to manage to automatically send the daily reports as per the client requirement and preferred timelines.
  • ✔  Auto emails of daily reports of stocks helps to do purchase planning and Sales orders, etc.
  • ✔  The reports can be scheduled as daily, weekly, monthly or for any specific day or time, etc.
  • ✔  Reports are mostly accurate and time-bound which enhances the customer experience.

Live chat with “WeWare” Warehouse Management Software India

The live chat feature allows a company or manager to get connected with warehouse operators via live chat. Most 3PL warehouse operators lack this feature.

Key Features:-

  • ✔  Eliminates time delay in response caused by 3PL customer service person.
  • ✔  Companies and Product owners can directly connect with the warehouse managers to get the answers to any quick questions.
  • ✔  The warehouse managers can also chat with the clients directly for any urgent matter or approvals.
  • ✔  Reduces the exchange of emails and the number of phone calls between 3PL service providers and the companies or product owners.