Logistics Management Software

What is Logistics Management?

Logistics management is one of the critical components of the supply chain management that helps in meeting the demands of the customers through proper planning, having control and the way the good and services are moved from the point of origin to its destination. Excellent logistic management helps the company in reducing its costs over the logistics and has the ability to enhance customer satisfaction. By making use of the proper technology, the efficiency and the speed required for this sector has improved considerably. The technology primarily used is the Software for Logistics Management, companies like We1.Tech are pioneer in building excellent software for the smooth functioning of the logistics department.

Without the use of the proper Logistics Management Software, the implementation of business process improvement becomes a challenge. Other logistics challenges are in the form of the quality checks, the ways to manage the transportation on-time from the suppliers to the production unit in order to ensure that the production is not affected due insufficient or delay in availability of the raw materials. For conducting effective operations of the logistics, it is a need for Software for Logistics Management. “WeTruck” logistic software has proven to be a valuable investment in streamlining the whole logistic processes. The software, when installed help the logistics provider get the process more optimized in terms of handling the transportation, raw materials, and other logistics activity. In the present-day world, it has become a necessity to come up with a dependable solution which helps in reducing the logistics challenges. To do that “WeTruck” Logistics Management Software has come to the rescue for all logistic management requirement. It maintains the business, right from the procurement of the raw materials, the delivery of the raw material, till the shipping of the finished good to their respective customers.

The Features of Logistics Management Software - “WeTruck”:

Web Portals Access for Clients

As a 3PL provider, managing an outsourced multi-warehousing operation can be difficult, but the right logistics management software can guide you to success. Of course, this is easier said than done, considering the huge selection of third-party logistics software tools on the market. Nevertheless, it‘s worth your consideration, because “WeTruck” Software for Logistics Management can turn a good operation into an optimal one.

Key Features:

  • ✔  Login for clients feature in warehouse management software gives greater transparency to the clients and achieving operational excellence.
  • ✔  This establishes a real-time connection with the warehouse and supply chain head to take quick decisions.
  • ✔  Clients can book vehicles within the login page and give immediate cost approvals to reduce the wait time.
  • ✔  Clients can submit the mass orders, check live SLA performance, PODs, SOPs, and initiate remote inventory audits in any warehouse and access various reports as per their business requirements.

Architecture to manage Multiple Clients

This is not to say that finding the right software is always easy. With so many logistics tools on the market, it can be difficult to make the right choice. Every logistics company has multiple clients availing their logistics services; hence it is imperative that the Logistics Management Software should be able to manage multiple clients at the same time. The logistics software designed by We1.Tech made this function available in their tool; the software has taken into consideration the different requirement of the various clients and has scaled the software accordingly.

Key Features:

  • ✔  In the time it takes you to identify and approach a task, a 3PL software will have already ticked it off the list.
  • ✔  It makes your warehouse quicker, cheaper and more productive.

Data security with cloud and encryption

It is a known fact that data is one of the most valuable assets for the business, and there is a constant threat of data breach by the infiltrators. The logistics industry is one of the most data-driven enterprises, and unprotected data will have a considerable repercussion to it—the Logistics Management Software developed by We1.Tech has ensured that the data of the business is secure with cloud and encryption. “WeTruck” Software for Logistics Management keep your data secure utilizing cloud storage and encryption keys. The use of cloud and encryption has allowed the business to be less vulnerable to predators.

Key Features:

  • ✔  We1.Tech offers the best possible technology and invests in applications that are inherently customizable.
  • ✔  We use cloud storage and the dynamic hosting switches with auto backups from time to time to ensure the data security from any possible threat.
  • ✔  We regularly work on BCP (Business Continuity Plan) & DR (Disaster Recovery) measures to ensure zero loss of data and 100% uptime of the applications.
  • ✔  We follow the encryption and a strict protocol for data security.
  • ✔  Dedicated annual budget goes towards continuous innovation & software up gradation.

SCM suite to support Cost Control

WeTruck logistic management software provides some extra perks, which you always look for in your warehouse. It could be a connection to other supply chain resources, access to industry research, or peer-to-peer events. Eventually, these perks are valuable and helpful to have access to insider knowledge and business intelligence.

Key Features:

  • ✔  SCM Suite is flexible & speeds up the process of logistics management.
  • ✔  WeTruck gives access to insider knowledge and further business intelligence.
  • ✔  WE1.tech Software for Logistics Management consistently offers great value for its customers.

Receive booking requests

Users can be able to see detailed view of all the booking request of customers in our WeTruck software for logistic management. You have various options of what to be done with the new request and execute it accordingly.

Key Features:

  • ✔  Check all the booking of the warehouses at one place.
  • ✔  Search booking with an order number
  • ✔  Search booking with an order number

Manage multiple teams and resources

Among the most significant advantages of having logistics software is managing multiple resources. Processes or functions like load planning, establishing a shipment route or assigning the load to the carrier can be automated easily using the Software for Logistics Management. This logistics software has also considerably reduced the amount of paperwork required for logistic operations. Hence, the accuracy level of the data has also increased substantially.

Key Features:

  • ✔  View all team members in my team.
  • ✔  Apply for leave and check the attendance of your team member.
  • ✔  View holiday list on the dashboard.
  • ✔  You can also issue a letter of notification from the dashboard.

Software for Logistics Management helps in Route Optimization & Analytics

Managing logistics is the most critical part in transportation. Before the use of the logistics software the business used to suffer a considerable amount of losses as a consequence of lack of proper logistics planning, limited or non-availability of the drivers, the travel time to reach the client was longer and various other such logistics hurdles. The route optimization is made possible today due to the use of the Logistics Management Software by the business.

Key Features:

  • ✔  The route optimization feature in the software helps not only the drivers but also the business as the route optimization feature aides in selecting the optimum route.
  • ✔  Selection of the optimum course will help in acquiring the raw materials to the production unit and also in delivering the finished products to the clients using the shortest route, which also guarantees low cost of production.

Customer Management with order history

Logistics Management Software helps in giving the customers maximum satisfaction. Every business work not only to get profits but also to give their customer maximum satisfaction from their service. Right from timely procuring the raw material to the production unit till delivering it to the customers, every level has been made systematic due to the implementation of the Software for Logistics Management.

Key Features:

  • ✔  - Check customer and order history with the order number, date, shipment details, and payment.
  • ✔  - You can also view the order receipt with the view order button.
  • ✔  - Reorder the goods for the same client by using the reorder button.

Integrated live chat for instant support

Now you can assign the chats to your support executive and solve all the queries of vendors instantly over live chat. WeTruck logistic management software gives you a complete view of open and closed customer queries, which will help you to keep a track record of all data.

Key Features:

  • ✔  Now you can assign the chats to your support executive and solve all the queries of vendors instantly over live chat. WeTruck logistic management software gives you a complete view of open and closed customer queries, which will help you to keep a track record of all data.
  • ✔  Eliminates time delay in response caused by 3PL customer service person.
  • ✔  Companies and Product owners can directly connect with the warehouse managers to get the answers to any quick questions.
  • ✔  The warehouse managers can also chat with the clients directly for any urgent matter or approvals.
  • ✔  Reduces the exchange of emails and the number of phone calls between 3PL service providers and the companies or product owners.

Documents Imaging System with Cloud backups

If you’re looking for a software solution that can handle the full range of supply chain management an SCM package, then WeTruck is one that you are looking for. This type of software does document imaging with cloud backup.

Key Features:

  • ✔  "WeWare" has an e-storage feature to keep the soft copy scanned documents for each transaction like invoices, packing list, eway bill, approvals, PODs, etc.
  • ✔  Documents can also be fetched from the reports module by selecting the date range, client or warehouse location.
  • ✔  The documents images can be stored and backed-up for any duration based on the business requirement or the agreement tenure

Auto email Scheduling features for any duration

A sender can schedule delivery information mail with attachments to multiple users with email priority. In WeTruck logistic management software, if you don't have email id of a user, then it can be extracted from username from users' database.

Key Features:-

  • ✔  “WeTruck” Software for logistics management offers an email scheduling feature that enables the service provider/s to manage to automatically send the daily reports as per the client requirement and preferred timelines.
  • ✔  Auto emails of daily reports of stocks helps to do purchase planning and Sales orders, etc.
  • ✔  The reports can be scheduled as daily, weekly, and monthly or for any specific day or time, etc.
  • ✔  Reports are mostly accurate and time-bound which enhances the customer experience.

Real-time reminders and notifications

WeTruck logistic management software shows and send you real-time reminders and the notifications on the dashboards so that you can keep track of all the products and its transportation.

Key Features:

  • ✔  Check activity report of the logistic
  • ✔  Track complete status of sold products and stock inventory
  • ✔  Check inward and outward logistic activity on the dashboard.